BROOKEInstructor – Hot 26
Brooke has been practicing Bikram yoga for 8 years. She is devoted to, and perhaps obsessed with, her yoga practice because it gives her confidence, energy and a strong mind and body. Life just doesn’t feel as good without yoga in it. Brooke also plays fiddle, banjo, is a professional geologist and can turn her eyelids inside out. She has a black Labrador named Jackson.

HANNAHInstructor – Hot 26
Hannah has been practicing hot yoga for two years. She hasn’t found many other places in life that are as steady and open hearted as the 2×6 mat where she sweats it out every day. It is one of her goals to bring that steadiness and open heartedness off her mat for everyone else to share in. Hannah is an avid day dreamer, a painter of pictures, sometimes. Mostly she just doodles. She has a very handsome hound, Jake.

LESLIEInstructor – Power Flow & Deep Stretch
Leslie loves yoga because it has completely transformed her mind and body in the past 5 years.  She had arthritis at 19 but now enjoys and dynamic and comfortable practice thanks to yoga’s foundational benefits.  She is an anatomy nerd, so come to class prepared to learn something!  She also plays piano, sings, and speaks French fluently.  She has two adorable cats, Kevin and Moose, who both love yoga (especially down dog).

HALEYInstructor – Hot 26
Haley first came to yoga to get a workout and while she found just that, she also found that yoga is a powerful tool used to transform the mind. Through yoga, she has come to learn that no matter what life puts of the table, by staying calm, breathing and letting go, anything is manageable. Yoga has changed her life in more ways than one and she is grateful to be able to share it with the people around her.

TONYInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
Tony learned early in his journey that yoga is much more than a physical practice.  It is the path to a well body, a peaceful mind and a free spirit.   Tony enjoys teaching because he enjoys learning and for him, yoga is a never ending opportunity for growth, learning and liberation.  Tony’s classes encourage students to pursue their practice in a light-hearted and free-spirited atmosphere.

ERIKAInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
A ballerina during her younger years, Erika has now been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching vinyasa for 2 years. She loves how integrated yoga is in every part of her life. She plays bass and sings in her band, Pageant. Yoga helps her to live a happy and healthy life, and it is her joy to share that with others.

JOSHInstructor – Hot 26
Josh believes in detours. A Tennessee native, he earned a degree in Comparative Literature from Yale, lived in Africa twice, then returned to Nashville and began a career in finance. Josh used to find the mere thought a yoga class to be unbearably tedious. Years later, after a vacation to Brazil, his hunger for the tropical heat led him into his first hot yoga class. Thus began the most recent detour in Josh’s life. Practicing and later teaching hot yoga has brought him innumerable physical and emotional benefits, and enhances every aspect of his life. In his classes, Josh enjoys making an age-old practice feel brand new. Breath, the core, posture, mindfulness, gratitude and much more are some of the themes he enjoys bringing to the forefront.

LINDSAYInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
Lindsay reflects that she used to think that yoga was just a good workout but then started to see what others saw. “Holding a hard pose or attempting an advanced pose may not seem like a life lesson, and then one day, life tests you and your yoga comes back to you. I need to breathe, get back up when I fall, and never stop moving forward. That’s the day when yoga becomes something beautiful and why we all return to the mat.” Lindsay believes that no other form of fitness will do this for you. “Breathe, be present, and roll out your mat.”

WENDYInstructor – Hot 26
Wendy started practicing the Bikram method of hot yoga in 2002. I was certified by Bikram Choudary to teach his method in 2006 and have been teaching varieties of hatha yoga ever since. Bikram taught me that all asana is good, as long as you breathe – if you’re not breathing, you’re not doing yoga, you’re not living. I’m inspired by witnessing the healing powers in breath, both in myself and others. I believe it is my karma yoga to share this understanding with everyone. My hope is that all realize their own power. I am honored and blessed to travel this path of self-realization with so many.

CHELSEAInstructor – Hot 26
Chelsea began a dedicated yoga practice in 2012, and completed teacher training the following year. She has learned that form and strength must be developed alongside flexibility, both in yoga and life, and hopes to convey this message in her classes. Chelsea is Nashville’s biggest cheerleader, a data geek, and a firm believer in Iyengar’s words: “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”

<strong>SARAH NORRIS</strong>
SARAH NORRISInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
Sarah Norris has been teaching yoga for ten years and completed her 200-hour training at New York City’s Integral Yoga Institute in 2004. She received her master’s degree in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence College, works as a journalist and editor, and is a licensed massage therapist.

ELIZABETHInstructor – Hot 26
Elizabeth graduated from Bikram’s Teacher Training in December 2009 and has been guiding students, new and experienced, through the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises ever since. As a result of the yoga, her body, heart and mind have grown strong and her drive to share her practice, training and the magical effects of the yoga with others has been an incredible force in her life.

SAVANNAHInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
As a massage therapist Savannah is naturally in tune with body mechanics. Her underlying love for anatomy, as well as body work, both come into play in her yoga practice. She loves to practice yoga not only on my mat, but also in everyday life. Yoga, along with a strong breath practice and energy work, has improved her mind, body and soul connection and has influenced a healthier lifestyle.  Overall, yoga has tremendous benefits that she loves to share with students when they come to their mats!

DYLANInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
A native Nashvillian, Dylan’s yoga practice began as a physical offset for years of playing ice hockey. After graduation from the University of Denver, yoga gave him balance while working in the music business as a place to explore the daily stresses and rediscover happiness in the moment. Teacher training in Asheville was the next step for Dylan to help others find the possibilities in their own bodies and minds. Dylan is an avid skier, still plays hockey, has a never ending love and (sometimes useless) knowledge of music, and spends as much time in the mountains of Colorado as possible.

<strong>LINDSEY FELTS</strong>
LINDSEY FELTSSubstitute Instructor – Prenatal
Lindsey fell in love with yoga while training for a half marathon. She was looking for a way to balance her training and had heard of the many benefits of yoga for runners. Once she began practicing, she experienced the many benefits yoga has for the mind and body and was instantly hooked. She currently teaches prenatal yoga and vinyasa flow.

TARAInstructor – Hot 26
Tara has been practicing yoga for over a decade. Yoga came into her life during a time when she was needing a focus. She spent a few years traveling around the world, and when she made the move from LA to Nashville, pursuing her 200-hour certification was just the beginning of one of the best decisions she ever made for herself. Helping others find happiness in yoga and seeing people transform on their mats is extremely rewarding to Tara. She is honored to teach the East Nashville yoga community!

JOSIEInstructor – Hot 26
In 2008, Josie attended her first yoga class in NYC. Having been an active athlete, runner and competitive dancer since she was 5 years old, yoga was exactly what her tired and injured body needed. She quickly saw the benefits of yoga not only in her physical being, but mental and emotional as well. In 2012, she suffered a shoulder injury, which led her away from downward dogs and into the Hot 26 Series – she was hooked! She wanted to share with the world what she had discovered and completed her teacher training a year later. She is anxious to continue learning and growing in her practice to and help others find whatever it is they need when they step onto their mats!

JORDANInstructor – Prenatal
Jordan has practiced yoga for over a decade. She stumbled upon her first class in 2001 while living in Costa Rica and was immediately hooked. Soon after, Jordan began teaching yoga while living in Peru. Since living in Nashville, Jordan has taught in a middle school, in a retirement community, in the corporate capacity, and in various local studios. She believes that yoga can bring better health to each and every body and mind. In addition to yoga, Jordan loves languages, coffee shops, ice cream, and her two boys, Charlie and George.