BROOKEInstructor – Hot 26, Power Flow and Buti
Brooke has been practicing Bikram yoga since 2006. She is devoted to, and perhaps obsessed with, her yoga practice because it gives her confidence, energy and a strong mind and body. To her, life just doesn’t feel as good without yoga in it. Brooke also plays fiddle, banjo, is a professional geologist and can turn her eyelids inside out. She has 12-year-old black dog named Jackson, a 1-year-old blue heeler named Daisy Mae and an even rowdier husband named Clay.

SARAHInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
Sarah Norris has been teaching yoga for thirteen years and completed her 200-hour training at New York City’s Integral Yoga Institute in 2004. She received her master’s degree in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence College, works as a journalist and editor, and is a licensed massage therapist.

HANNAHInstructor – Hot 26
Hannah has been practicing hot yoga for two years. She hasn’t found many other places in life that are as steady and open hearted as the 2×6 mat where she sweats it out every day. It is one of her goals to bring that steadiness and open heartedness off her mat for everyone else to share in. Hannah is an avid day dreamer, a painter of pictures, sometimes. Mostly she just doodles. She has a very handsome hound, Jake.

SAVANNAHInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
As a massage therapist Savannah is naturally in tune with body mechanics. Her underlying love for anatomy, as well as body work, both come into play in her yoga practice. She loves to practice yoga not only on my mat, but also in everyday life. Yoga, along with a strong breath practice and energy work, has improved her mind, body and soul connection and has influenced a healthier lifestyle.  Overall, yoga has tremendous benefits that she loves to share with students when they come to their mats!

TONYInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
Tony learned early in his journey that yoga is much more than a physical practice.  It is the path to a well body, a peaceful mind and a free spirit.   Tony enjoys teaching because he enjoys learning and for him, yoga is a never ending opportunity for growth, learning and liberation.  Tony’s classes encourage students to pursue their practice in a light-hearted and free-spirited atmosphere.

KELLYInstructor – Power Flow
A Native Nashvillian (!), Kelly began her journey into Yoga in 2013 in Denver. She was immediately hooked and after 2 years of a devoted practice, Kelly completed her training in Colorado. Kelly moved back to Tennessee in July 2015 and jumped into teaching within the month, continually excited to share her passion for yoga throughout the Nashville community. Kelly lives in Gallatin with her husband, Weston, German Shepherd, Leo and sweet kitty, Luma. She loves music, traveling and spending time with family and friends.


MARIAInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
Maria believes that yoga is the practice of coming back to yourself, to all the mystery and beauty that lives inside the heart, and that this journey is begun, the spark is lit, when we are ready for its message. Maria has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 6 years and is currently working towards her 500-hour certification. She is also an advanced Pranic Healer and an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor. She lives in East Nashville with her 2 pups and husband, Adam!

ASHLEYInstructor – Power Flow
Ashley first started practicing yoga in 2010, where she found a door that opened to incredible healing, presence, and compassion. In a desire to share the space yoga created for her, Ashley completed her 200 RYT Power Yoga teacher training with Sid McNairy and Lindsay Lusignea. Ashley teaches an empowering and challenging class, inspiring people to find a deeper connection to their spirit, gratitude for life, and freedom within. She loves a good sweat and pounding heartbeat to know what it feels like to be fully alive.

JAMALInstructor – Power Flow
JamaL began his yoga journey on the exact day that Hot Yoga East Nashville opened in the original location. Not fully realizing the impact it would have on his life, a year later, he enrolled in a at Kali Yuga.  Yoga has saved and transformed Jamal, at a time when his life was in chaos. Realizing that yoga is the science of realizing your truer self and integrating your body, mind, and soul, Jamal has continued his practice, which has helped him become a better man, husband, and father. He hopes to help others find peace and balance in times of discomfort and comfort.

ADAMInstructor – Hot 26
Adam has been teaching yoga since 2011 and loves teaching the series to both experienced students and those who are brand new to yoga. He gives a lot of  assists and brings an energy to class in hopes that the students will match it. One of his strengths is looking at a posture and identifying the next step for the student to take. Adam lives in 12 South and has a Beagle named Lucy.

CHELSEAInstructor – Hot 26 and Buti Yoga
Chelsea took her first Bikram yoga class in 2008 in Chicago and fell in love with the challenge and benefits of this yoga. After playing college soccer and running marathons in her 20’s, she loved finding a similar level of intensity in the 26&2 series without the constant pounding on the body.  She later moved to Cincinnati where there was no hot studio, so within the next 2 years, she completed the Bikram training and opened the first hot yoga studio in Cincinnati. Chelsea relocated to Nashville in 2015 with her family (2 kids, husband, and 2 dogs) and is excited to share her passion for this series with the East Nashville yoga community!


SAMInstructor – Hot 26
Sam stepped into her first yoga class in 2008 and was immediately drawn to both the physical and spiritual aspects of a steady yoga practice.  In 2012, she braved her first hot yoga class and knew that she had found her sanctuary.  Sam found her home at Hot Yoga East, deepening her practice and eventually completing her YTT at her home studio. When she’s not practicing or spreading the word of yoga’s endless benefits, Sam enjoys seeing live music, indulging in Nashville’s mouthwatering food scene, and spending time with her tribe.


CELESTEInstructor – Power Flow Vinyasa
Celeste has been practicing yoga for 14 years and teaching for 8 years (300-hr RYT certified). She is originally from Nashville and has recently returned home after living in Colorado and Northern California. With a background in dance, Celeste fell deeply in love with yoga in high school and has been studying it ever since. Since her teacher training in 2008, she has continued her education in all forms of yoga and Ayurveda, including yoga therapy training at Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. Celeste lives in East Nashville where she is a creative director and stylist at @celesteagreene!

ELLIEInstructor – Hot 26
A student of life and a lifelong athlete, Ellie finds peace and focus in her yoga practice unlike anywhere else. She attended Hot Yoga East’s first teacher training to deepen her own practice. During that journey, she found that she loves teaching and sharing the peace she finds in her practice with others. In her day job, she is a sales manager for Procter & Gamble. She plays golf, surfs, swims, and has run several half marathons. Her down dog takes after her rescue pup, Stella. Her Savasana takes after her husband, Brad.

CLAUDIAInstructor – Hot 26
Claudia started practicing Bikram Yoga in 1998, at first looking to relieve physical pain, she soon found a practice of personal transformation and self-realization. She discovered that by being fully absorbed in the moment of yoga; all worry, stress and disease dissolved. She attended Bikram’s Teacher Training in Hawaii Spring in 2007 and has been teaching ever since, through which she has gained understanding, respect and compassion for each student’s personal journey. “Yoga to me is like the Serenity Prayer…. SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, COURAGE to change the things I can, and the WISDOM to know the difference.

CINDYInstructor - Hot 26 and Power Flow
 Cindy is a recovering lawyer who discovered her passion for yoga about 8 years ago. She certified in Bikram, Yin Yoga, and Vinyasa, and opened two studios in upstate New York. She has completed 500 hours with both Jimmy Barkan and Rolf Gates and currently assists Jimmy with his Vinyasa teacher trainings. Cindy also leads 200-hour vinyasa teacher trainings in Nashville, where she now lives with her husband and 2 boys – Leo and

LINDSEYInstructor – Hot 26
Lindsey has been a devoted student of the classic Hot 26 series for the last 7 years. She received her teaching certification at the first Teacher Training at Hot Yoga East! Through teaching, Lindsey continues her own personal evolution and is able to relate her passion for this yoga to her students. Lindsey is also a certified holistic wellness coach and published author. In Lindsey’s personal time she enjoys good music, food, and spending time with her 3 loves – Dani, their crazy cat Opalina, and their Great Dane, Sophie.

MIKEInstructor – Hot 26
Mike was looking for some peace years ago — (just after Nader lost the election). He was trying his hand (or his mind, really) at meditation, but just could not sit still…at all! One auspicious day, he literally stumbled upon yoga as he made his way home. It was a hatha yoga specializing in brea studio, and he hadn’t ever seen anything like it: maybe it was the shoulder stands, maybe the tea-tree oil, or possibly the mysterious soup that the studio served after class — but Mike was hooked. He started a regular practice at that little studio and later delved into other styles as life took him to various spots around the country. Mike credits yoga with helping him quiet his mind –  at least some of the time. He hopes to pass along some of this good medicine to each class he teaches.

ALIInstructor – Prenatal Yoga
Ali has been a lover of yoga since she was a young girl and teaching it for the past 10 years. Ali grew up in Fairfield, Iowa in a school where yoga and meditation were part of the daily curriculum. She was diagnosed with severe scoliosis as a child and her yoga practice has played a major role in helping her spine over the years. Ali has taught in New York, Chicago, Iowa and of course East Nashville! She is certified from the Sivananda Ashram in Nassau, Bahamas and has also studied at CorePower and Global Yoga in Chicago. She is also a singer-songwriter and performs often in town as well as on tour.